Friday, September 9, 2011

Bonnie’s New Business

Bonnie asked if I had a minute to hear a new story about her Speech Therapy Business, Bonnie W. Johnson, Inc.  I had that minute.  She told me that vendors and merchants are exhibiting at a fair this weekend, and that many of her friends are advertizing their businesses this way.  Hoping to get in on the event, since if it is good for her colleagues in the business world, it may be good for her, she called asking for a booth.  

“You are lucky.  One has just come available.  $350”. 

“Sign me up.  A little steep for a business just getting off the ground,” she thought, but if it is good for others, it must be good for me.

Later, Bonnie discovered she now has a place in the Salmon Arm Agricultural Fair and not in the Centenoka Mall Walk-About (which is free and which is where her friends are).  Too late to turn back now, she has embarked on the adventure.  Dave and Moiya took their truck and helped Bonnie set up a couch, some chairs, some tables, a lovely mirror and Bonnie created an 3 foot banner for her weekend business adventure.

On walking through the fair ground in preparation for booth set up, it was hard for her not to wonder about where her spot would be.  Who would be her neighbours? 

She saw the booth for Passion Parties.  Yes.  I can make a presentation about speech therapy when they will have their products on display next door, she thought.  Then came the New Democrat Party Booth.  A little harder to be by them for they will be asking people to sign petitions against privatization, the very thing she is fostering.  Next came the Conservative Party Booth.  Bonnie put me under oath to say nothing about their booth, a promise I (being an Albertan) shall honour.

Bonnie has 3 free plastic fair entrance bracelets, so everyone in the family will be wearing one, unlike the Roots and Blues Festival or the Sturgis North Festival, where only two of the three of the family members went to the fair.

Now I am only reporting and too far away to take picture, but I am hoping there will be some stories from her about the adventures she has this weekend.

For one thing, I hope she has someone bring her take-in/out lunches and suppers from across the street at Rosa’s, the best Mexican fast-food outlet in all of Salmon Arm.  I learned that at the Roots and Blues Festival.


  1. Oh my, if this doesn't sound like a Bonnie Johnson adventure, I don't know what does! ;)

  2. When my telephone rang after midnight one night, I thought what the heck! It was Moiya. She was calling from my house at Shuswap and she had Bonnie in tow. They were looking for eye catching things to put up at her booth. I directed them to a few places in my house but I don't know what they took. That was one nice telephone call after midnight.