Friday, September 23, 2011

Really the leftovers.

September 1st Margaret, Peter, Zoe Charise, Kalina, Greg and I went out to Cochran to see Lurene and Tim play in the parade. It was so much fun and great for the kids. Next year I am taking all my grandchildren.

Trent rides his children to the bathroom on his feet. Anyway to get them to brush their teeth before bedtime stories.

Now how could one get a sweeter face than this. Senya loved to have her hair braided in the only style which I am able to braid.

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  1. Speaking of the parade in Cochrane reminded me of the parades we grew up with -- the Calgary Stampede Parade and the Cardston Parade. Looks like the Cochrane parade may be a nod to the early Alberta past -- celebrating both small towns and civic pride. I could pick out both Tim and Lurene from the pictures. All hail the military band.

    I was also awash with memories of childhood when I saw Trent dragging a child on his foot -- well, really feet. Is he channeling Doral?