Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Day Is It Today?

I have no reason to remember dates. I don’t work so I have no Mon-Fri going-ons to remember. I don’t book conference rooms at work, so I am not looking at dates two to three months ahead, fiddling in other people’s calendars or tying to make meetings work. I don’t take university classes so I don’t have to remember Monday, Wednesday, Friday, get to class. I don’t have a teaching assignment for a class at church so I don’t have to remember Sunday.

Bonnie told me that one of the first things medical people check on to see if people are aging well is if people know what day it is. So, ... that is reason to remember. I want to pass all tests. I was thinking about trying to stay young and saying to myself, it is Sept 13, it is Sept 13, it is Sept 13, and then remembered, yowza, tomorrow is Rebecca’s birthday. Which takes me to Trell’s birthday 2 days later (and my fiftieth wedding anniversary as well), Darla’s birthday the next day on the 17th. I have already missed Wyona’s anniversary on the 10th. Yup. Good to keep trying to remember what day it is. Miss some. Remember others. My best bet to wish Doral Happy Birthday on Oct 1st and Bonnie on Oct 11 and then I won’t have to remember another date until 2012. Now I have done that, remembering to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries is over with for this year!

Now what day is it, today?


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