Thursday, September 8, 2011

Memories of the Lake

I was reading some of the posts of walking Old Sicamous road and looking at the pictures of the new generation swimming in the lake, and yes . . . . I felt jealous. The pictures look so fun. It brings back so many memories of my youth. So . . . here are a few of my memories. What are yours? Kelvie, Teague and I walk over to Porterfields. We walk up to the door, Kelvie screams and Teague and I take off running away. Kelvie laughs. Kelvie, Teague and I play on the dock. The game is king of dock. I think I am king, but Kelvie and Teague are stronger than me. They appease me by pretending to let me push them off the dock sometimes. It is slippery. We get slivers in our butts. It is way fun. Kirby, Cathy, Tonia and I do endless back summersaults in the lake. We pick up big rocks from the bottom of the lake and go rock walking as far as we can. I can always beat Kirby and Tonia, but Cathy has long legs and always inches me out. Kelvie and I have a corn on the cob eating contest to see who can eat the most corn on the cob. We put so much salt on each cob that I can't understand how our arteries don't explode. I don't know who won or what the winning number was. Cathy and I sleep in the bunk in the quiet house over the washer and dryer. There is a peek hole over to the bunk in Bonnie's room. We pretend to spy on someone. It's after a meal and it's dinner time. The Aunts call us to do the dishes. Somehow Cathy sneaks away and Kirby and I are left to dry. This makes me angry and I don't dry the dishes well. But I don't tell anyone that she has skipped out. Instead, i try to trick Kirby into drying more dishes than me. It probably takes more effort for me to play these tricks on her than it would be just to dry the dishes. Ahhh. Memories.

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  1. yes... slivers in the butt, and lungs exploding from trying to walk that stone just...a...little... further.....