Friday, September 9, 2011

Ceilidh's Hobby

... beading is a good hobby to do with friends ...
Doral and Anita are gone. I am on a cake walk for a week, while I watch their children. These kids pack their own lunches, make their beds, don't fight, create their own suppers, and occasionally ask me when I am going to start making rules, since their parents told them that there will be an entirely new set of rules when grandmother comes to watch them.

Ceilidh got out some craft beads last night and she and her friend worked on them.  Ceilidh ironed the beads until they had melted into place.  I have the skill to set up an ironing board (a tool used in the past, but not much now, though luckily something Anita has).  Ceilidh could work the iron once I showed her how to raise its temperature to high.  So we had some fun with crafts.

I am sleeping in their parent's bedroom suite, which is about half the size of my whole house at home. I may have one rule I want to instigate and that rule will be, when I come to visit next time, please smoke all of the mirrors in the ensuite bathroom. This morning I noticed that the mirrors are arranged so that I can see my body from every angle and was sad to observe that in my case, mooning someone would be giving them my best angle.


A new rule I give unto you.

Smoke those mirrors.


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