Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Generous Gardeners

... beans in an ice-cream bucket, ready to be snapped ...
Last summer, I was passing by the Pillings, noticing that Laynie was picking vegetables to cook for supper.

"Join me," she called. "There are plenty of beans for everyone."

I went searching under the leaves, and down low, finding all of the beans I could, and pleased that I could at least keep up with the picking speed of Laynie.

Then I noticed she was holding ice in one of her hands, on a burn she had picked up while she and Dave were looking at her car, checking the muffler.

So that makes me at least able to keep up with a one-handed woman.

The beans were beautiful.

 ... not quite shoulder length yet ...
They were so long that before I snapped them, I tried to get David Camps to wear some of them, as we had done earlier in the summer with cherries.

There was no way he would cooperate with me.

But he does have a trick of his own.

Wearing beans as one might wear a pencil ... behind the ear.

 ... bean as pencil ...
The Camps Family said they are enjoying the generosity of Dave and Moiya  Wood whose garden has come into full fruit -- tomatoes, beans, onions, beets, carrots -- a vegetarian's delight.

Pears from Wyona's tree, plums from the Pillings and the dahlias are finally in full bloom -- a veritable vegetable and flower harvest.

Who could have a better Thanksgiving?


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