Friday, September 23, 2011

Shuswap 2011 eating

Here is a picture of Miranda with her lovely hat from Michael's baby shower. It was a lovely event. I will do more pictures later.
The only thing better than than eating waffles and whipped cream with cherries on the side like Audra, is going out to the strawberry patch, picking and cleaning your own strawberries and making a waffle for yourself…just like Gabe
How about cheescake dripping with caramel sauce. This is what one does with the almost dated cream cheese from Arta's house and the outdated sweetened condensed milk from the Bates's house.
Cherries, cherries and more cherries. Don't forget the waffles and whipped cream. Audra and Zach do it all.


  1. Hello,

    Again, one picture is worth a thousand words. Laughed to see Zach doing a non-traditional cherry hanging. We usually hang them from our ears and not our mouths. So good to see a variation on a hanging theme.

    I also liked remembering that cheese cake. What do you mean, it was nearly outdated? Cream cheese has a date on it? I was the one scooping the caramel topping off of the counter, the topping that had dripped off of the cake and was sitting there on that marble, just waiting for someone's finger to slide through it.

    I had to recheck the strawberries in the picture with Gabe sitting outside, ready to devour his strawberry and cream topped waffle. The only other person I know who would line them up in a beautiful presentation is Connor. In my case, I would have eaten them in the patch -- they wouldn't have made it to the plate.


  2. Oh Shuswap! Good people. Good eats! Great pictures mum and thanks for the delicious cheesecake, expired or not.