Friday, September 23, 2011

Austin for a week

Greg and I just spent a fun week in Austin. Here are a few of the highlights. I noticed as I was looking through my pictures that I have no pictures taken outside. It was tooo hot hot outside to take a picture.

I took a short story book to Austin. One of the stories was Peter and the Wolf so I brought it up on youtube. There were many different versions. However, the version from my youth was still there. Notice the delicious banana pancakes that Jamie cooked up for us. Yummy delicious!

Lucky Grandad Greg! He got to enjoy Senya, Ivan and Ezra on the couch. Too bad I never took pictures of them outside fixing the screen windows.
Ezra is so like Kalina in about everything he does. Both of them like nothing better than than to chew on a knuckle. Above is Kalina chewing on Lurene's knuckle at the lake and below is Ezra doing the same thing. They both have a knuckle cracking chew, especially on my arthritic fingers.

Such a cute little boy Ezra. He is just learning to hold a toy or something so he can put it in his mouth. Kalina does the same thing.
Ivan loves his blue dog, to sit in Ezra’s chair and to be a ‘naked baby’. Trent dressed this same way in Malaysia.


  1. In the picture where Greg is sitting on the couch, there are books everywhere -- in Greg's hand (I looked closely to see the title, but he is only showing us the back cover), books on the side of the couch, cloth books behind the couch on the window ledge, as well as other books, some neatly piled and some on top of each other at 45 degree angles. Am dying to know what story it was that had them all on the same couch together.

    You mentioned utube and Peter and the Wolf. Why didn't I think of utube when I was explaining that story to Meighan last week?


    I tried to do the tune with my own voice, but I just can't imitate that background sound of the flute or the clarinet.


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Senya is getting so tall! Ivan is so cute and does look like Trent. Ezra looks like he has a Grandpa Les brush cut in the picture with Jaime holding him. Great shots. Thanks for sharing.