Monday, September 5, 2011

Doral's photo from the past

In an email, I received this picture and text from Maxine Easthope today, a picture she had saved. She thought some of you might like to see it ... take from a newspaper column called Gord's Gallery.

Gord’s Gallery

With all the hype we have been subjected to lately about the Olympic Games in China 08-08-08, I thought that we should enlighten you all about a Cardstonian that played in the Olympic Games.

Doral Pilling entered and won the championship in both the Provincial and the Dominion games as a Javelin thrower in 1927. He held the record at 202 feet, 4 inches .... If you want that in the metric system ... figure it out yourself.
The very next year he was chosen to represent Canada in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, Holland. In 1930 he entered Track and Field games in Edinburgh, Scotland. At that time he set a new Canadian record at 212 feet, 4 inches. In 1930 he entered the British Empire Games in Hamilton, Ontario and won second place (silver medal) in the Javelin throw. At that time the British Empire was virtually half the world. His win was the first medal awarded to a Cardston sportsman in International sports.


Thanks, Maxine.



  1. I love this! Thanks Maxine and Arta!

  2. I agree with Rebecca. Wonderful post. Every time I see a picture of Doral I see Trent and several of the Wood cousins. Genes running deep.