Friday, September 23, 2011

Leftovers from Austin and Shuswap

I really goofed loading these pictures but here goes anyway. Kalina with a sunflower grown from the garden Glen and Janet planted at Shuswap.

Three friends on a rock.

Audra smiling on a rock. And then Audra with her beautiful curly hair and such a cute tongue.

Such a fast lovely summer!

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  1. Wyona, you are always giving me good ideas. I never thought to pick a sunflower and put it in a big dish on a counter. Of course it looks beautiful there. I thought it was a sin to pick those if these weren't full of seeds that I was to harvest.

    I love that hat that has hair attached to it. Beautiful curls that would have to be ringlet-ed and hair sprayed can now be worn by just throwing on a hat. How efficient is that, and how many tears have been saved, in the combing of little locks that won't go the right way.

    Modern mothers (and grandmothers) know how to cut the corners for maximizing beauty.