Monday, September 5, 2011

Tonia's Lens: Summer 2011

The summer of 2011 was short but filled with fun.  Walking Old Sicamous Road for the first time, playing bridge until 2 am, kayaking as much as possible, canoeing, cliff jumping, the new paddle wheel, D Dutchman, Andrew's Birthday party, underwater pictures and video, new babies everywhere, accidentally picking white carrots, finding a real honey man, chasing children, and watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast for the twelfth time.  All great fun!  Here are the best of the fun pictures that I took of people, things and places.

Let's start with pictures taken at the shores of Shuswap Lake.  Thanks to a water proof camera, pictures become more interesting and varied.

Andrew, the lover of water.

Gabriel just under the surface.

Zak: Are we splashing yet?

Charise's self-portrait

Art: When I let go, fly to the shore!

Chelsea and Charise under water

Love the hair

Teague flipping kids at the beach.
Babies! Babies! Everywhere.  My aunt counted how many babies were/will be being born this year amongst the Pilling cousins and she said we have enough for a baseball team.  Here are the third basemen and the short stop.

Connor playing the best uncle.

Laynie and Landon
When mom is kayaking, the aunts take over.

While on the shore, Wyona (my mother) decided to begin posing for a fashion show.  There is not enough room for all 9 pictures I took, so here are two of the most enjoyable.

Photo shoot part one: lean and swing

Photo shoot part two: on the rocks
While splashing and playing, I took a few pictures with water in motion.  My niece rolls down the concrete ramp from the shore into the Lake.  My nephew shows us his skills with a pool noodle.

Kawabunga with a scooter!
Noodle games
This summer was a time for getting out and trying new things.  Here we are, a canoe and kayak making our way around Annis Bay to the rock cliffs on the other side of Johnson's point.  We tried five or six locations for cliff jumping.  I was reminded my older brother is crazy and will try anything, whether or not there is a rock in the water below.

Kayaker and Canoers having a water fight.
Back from diving off cliffs.

Teague jumps ship!
Lurene, Tim, Kalina and I went out to explore the further reaches of the Shuswap area.  We went to a few vineyards, a cheese farm, a honey house, a burger shack, and I found my dream home (with a stunning view with a built in pottery studio, raku area included).  Now I just have to find $700,000 to purchase it and steady income for the next 30 years.  Mmmmm.....

Tim makes a new friend.

Knucklheads, the home of the five pound burger.

Lurene, Tim and Kalina make their way to the house
(with a pottery studio) I want to buy.

Between Teague and Cheri they create the best parties ever.  Two of their kids have summer birthdays, and this is little Andrew's.  Adults embarrassed themselves trying to fill buckets of water, the balloon toss was viscous, the cowboy hat game hilarious, a large 'eskimo' stole the gifts that sent the children off into the forest to rescue Andrew's loot.  The cake of cupcakes of cars and a race track was delicious and we were exhausted from all the fun.

Trying to fill the buckets with water, blind-folded.
It was hilarious chaos.
Wyona tossing water balloons at Nathan.

Lowering the cowboy hat onto Lurene's head.

Audra, President and CEO Kalina Fan Club

Andrew with his birthday treasure map.

Heading to the forest to find Andrew's stolen gifts.


The opening of the gifts.

Cake time!

Chelsea discovers the party favours.

Wyona finds the party favours.

I shall add my pictures of the Old Sicamous Road hike on a different post.  
Great times!  Amazing family!  Thank you for another beautiful summer!


  1. Thank goodness I found the place to click so that I could go right to the end of the photos. Hard to know which one is my favorite pick ... it may be the one captioned "heading into the woods" in the Andrew Birthday Party Set. Loved the way you caught the kids snaking their way through the forest. I was back in Calgary when the party occurred, so I really loved the pics of it.

    The idea of a fast food place that sells a five pound burger is horrifying. What do you have to do? Take 9 other people with you who will sign up to eat at least 8 ounces of burger each?

    You captured beautiful colours. Loved the way Laynie's swim suit matched Landon's hat.

    Was entertained as well with Kalina hanging out in the water while her mom was gone canoeing. So nice to see her in Tim's arms while her dad was scratching the goat as well.

    With you a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is not to say that I can't read a paragraph into every sentence you write as well.

    Thanks for the posting, Tonia.

  2. One other things -- in the pic called "when I let go, fly to the shore", I am amazed at the colours on top of the waves. Water photography must be a subset of the sky pics you take, because you often capture the sky in the water, though here it may be the swim suit colours that I see.

  3. I agree with Arta! you have totally caught it! i love the colour in the sky on the canoeing shot! but where are pictures of the lightening storm?! I wanna see it!

  4. Chelsea and Kalina are unrecognizable. Such great fun to look at the pictures Tonia. So happy that you were there to capture those moments in picture.