Saturday, September 3, 2011

The List for September

View of the Shuswap from Old Sicamous Road Trail
September is slowly crawling into full view: the LaRue AGM; then to hang out with Doral and Anita’s kids while the parents go to a conference in Vancouver.

What I want to do next is come back to the Shuswap for two weeks, for the end of September.

What is it that is stopping me?

In the back of my mind is that list of Neglect -- what it is that I haven’t done for fifteen years and that has risen to the top of the list and now is in not just in disrepair, but bordering on derelict—and that would be the sills of the windows at home which need paint.   

When Joaquim heard this he said, “I have an idea. Why don’t you pretend you are leaving here one week early, and on that day, give me the list of things you still need to do here, so I can get a handle on what those items ... are a little earlier than just 15 minutes before you leave.”   

Oh yah!  I always try to get it done myself, and failing that, the top five on my quickly scribbled and horrifyingly long list does get put in his hands.  For a starter, we dug up the geraniums that need to be kept alive over the winter (7 pots of them, instead of the 30 we tried to keep alive last year).  How is that for cutting back on expectations for next year.

Having made that list and having put it into his hands, I am now back in Calgary!

Three cheers for list making.  And still planning for one bullet trip back to the Shuswap.


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