Friday, September 16, 2011

Help at a Gas Station

When I am doing a fill-up, I can ask someone at the Husky Gas Station for help when I can’t get the gas cap off the tank.  “No problem,” said the man.  “Ask anytime”.  But later, when I got trapped inside the car wash, as I was today, I had nowhere to go for help.  I drove the car a little backward, a little forward and neither the back nor the front door opened.  I envisioned gunning the car and driving in right out through the door, but I didn’t think my 1990 Honda has that body strength.  I squeezed my body out of the car, ducking past the sopping big blue washing pads, all the time thinking of movies where I have seen something go wrong in a car wash -- bubbles streaming out of windows and doors.  People choking to death inside.

There was a door to the left – locked.  No matter how I tried to turn it, it wouldn’t open. 

I spied a small crack of light between the cement and the door that was to open.  Ahah!  I got my fingers under it and did a manual lift  ... then escaped, driving my car right home because my body needed a rest on the bed!


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  1. That is just a terrible story Arta. I might never go through a carwash again.