Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of School In Montreal

First Day of School in Montreal

School sure has changed. I was laughing about Alex's leukemia assignment in an email that Rebecca sent to me.  Then I remembered that yesterday's homework assignment with my twins was to read one of Edgar Alan Poe's tales--a mystery about a man who kills another man because of the way his eyes look, then he cuts him up and buries his body under the floor boards.

After doing some reading comprehension questions, Rebecca's assignment was to draw a picture of the evil eyes that caused the murderer to do his deed. I can't ever remember having assignments like that. Is this post 9/11 reality or just a few morbid teachers?

I am a bit worried about what the rest of the year holds. Thomas already disclosed that they are going to be talking about puberty, a topic far worse than death. :)

Hoping everyone is well.

"Bonjour," from Hebe, the newest person in our family.
Only one person was left home from school with me and she sends hellos to everyone ... in French.



  1. Re: School Assignments with Morbid Themes

    This would be a great topic of discussion for adults some night. Yes. Why is it that there are so many assignments with morbid themes, especially assignments that come out of English Literature? Thinking back, even as far as when I went to school, the assignments come out of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or Shakespeare's Lear or Hamlet, or even Romeo and Juliet.

    Don't we want people to graduate from high school loving the literature that comes with our cultural heritage, instead of graduating with writer's block?


  2. So cute cathy. Hebe. Can't wait to meet her.

  3. I am out of the family loop. Did you adopt a new child? If so, congrats. Another person to enjoy in the family!