Thursday, September 22, 2011

like riding a bicycle

I was bemoaning how lost I feel out on the internet. Joaquim said just now, "come on. it's like riding a bicycle." Lucky us. Moiya and Dave loaned us their rogers stick for one glorious month. How fun reading all about Michael Hunter's birth. Gorgeous pictures -- one 60 seconds after he was born. Wow. A miracle.

The miracle on our front is that David lost his fourth tooth today, his second this week. He had his first "dictee" at school today and came down with a "sore tummy" as he approached the classroom door. It took took his parents 2.5 hours to do a differential diagnosis. We ruled out the rule and ruled in "worry wall". Worry wall is one of the "unthinkables" that SuperFlex can help you quiet. Strategies? (1) close your eyes and take deep breaths, (2) if something is too difficult, think of a person who is around who is nice and say to yourself, "they might be able to help me".

Any tips from others who have suffered from the grade one stomache ache?


  1. Dumbo, the elephant, used a feather, a secret feather in his trunk to get him over the worry wall.

    Moses couldn't talk so he told everything to his brother, and then his brother used to say it for him, since he needed that kind of posse to do his work.

    I had a little girl who was worried about school and when she came home, I would give her shoulder rubs to help relax her.

    The same girl also needed a little box of raisins at recess to give her strength for the rest of the morning.

  2. How nice of Moiya and Dave to lend you their stick. I have friends at the lake who used to lend me their stick. Lucky us!