Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michael Hunter Johnson, Part II

"Finally, some alone time with my mom."
Miranda was in the birth room through three shift changes so she got acquainted with a lot of staff.

What Richard loved is that as time progressed, new equipment was brought out – each time just with enough razzamatazz to make the birthing parents think they are on the last leg of the journey, ... which they are not.

First the receiving blankets were put on top of the warmer that receives the baby, then a big silver basin was brought out for who knows what.
Cleaned up after my first bath.

Next came a U-bar at the end of the bed, magically appearing from behind an unobtrusive table.

Another step was instruments ceremonially laid out in style on that table (8 different scissors in all – which kept Richard wondering which set would be put in his hand when it came time for cord cutting).

A further movement forward was having a portable ultrasound rolled in ... and then a suction machine (with assurances that there was very little chance it would be used).

The last leg of the journey is really there when a room that previously held 4 people now has14 people in it.
Alone at last in the ICU. The nurses are regulating my blood sugar.
I am trying to get some peace and rest away from my new parents.

Today the new mother, the new father and the new baby are sleeping.

A one word description of the event?


Just epic!

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  1. 14 people is a lot! I think that beats any record I have seen. But in the end, the mother is not counting the people, just the pain.