Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goobye to the Fair

From Bonnie Johnson, posted for her by Arta:

Goodbye to the Fair and at the same time, Hello Bernie Road. I got to talk to so many people at the fair, people with different opinions than mine, and many of them were local and knew where Bernie Road is. One woman told me that lisps are lazy speech ... and that stuttering is caused by psychological abuse. It is good to see where popular thought is coming from, at least in that woman.

Driving Dave’s truck to pick up my things and take them back home was empowering. I just fit in at the fair in Dave’s vehicle. Can you hearing me saying, “Would you shut that door so I can drive my truck on by.” The sofa Moiya lent me allowed me to gave away 80 cards.

At the fair, people walk far enough away that the busker’s can’t draw them in. But when passers-by see a couch, and they are tired, they walked right into my booth of their own accord. I met a guy from Golden who says he almost bought a place down on Bernie Road this week. He is a tradesman who fits gas pipes. He had a tip for me. He says when he is in a fair, he has people fill out a lottery slip, and one of the questions is “would you like me to contact you”. Of those people who wrote yes, he said that he signed contracts with 43 of them. “That is a testament to your salesmanship, not to your lottery technique,” said I. “Few people get a 50% success rate on this kind of call back.  You are just good.”

One lady from Sicamous said she also knows Bernie Road. She bought some water floats there.

“Are you busy putting in a dock before Bylaw 900 comes in,” I asked. Thanks to Glen, at the fair I could talk about the local politics of the community.

“Yes,” she said. “My husband and I own 35 acres across from Totem and we have never done anything about it. Now we have to take action and put in a dock so that we won't be left out.”

Goodbye to the Fair ... hello Bylaw 900 ... come visit us on Bernie Road.


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