Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hello Bear, Hello Bear

Re scat identification:  if there are cherry pits, you probably have bear
A sighting of bear scat doesn't really count.

But seeing a real bear?


That counts.

Moiya saw the first bear of the fall trying to climb into her black compost bin on Wednesday morning.  She also saw the mess the bear made around her apple tree -- getting ready for hibernating, I think.

I wish I had gone for a walk before she sighted the bear.  I just didn't have it in me to go for a walk after her phone call.

The bear was also sighted at Glen's hot tub -- "just a one year old" said Glen.  "No worries.  I just said go bear, go and he left."


  1. Arta, please tell me you headed to the Wood porch with your camera and zoom lens to see if you could get some decent shots?! A photographer must always be ready!

  2. I can't believe I didn't even think to do this! Where is my head? You stayed out on your porch to catch those 7 magnificent shots of lightening, which I am hoping to see posted soon, on the lightening storm of the century. I have failed you with bear shots. All I could find was the scat we saw on our trip.

    I could have, at the very least, been in Glen's hot tub and relaxed at the same time as I was taking bear pictures. Now I have to wait until next August to do this.

    Further more, buying a zoom lens should be the next thing on my list of wants ... a list I haven't had time to construct.