Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old Sicamous Road

It is a road I have always heard about, but I never had walked down.

Relatives told me it stretched from Sicamous to Annis Bay, 
right to the shores of our beach.

Annis Bay, Salmon Arm section of Shuswap Lake.

It was an old road, 50 years old, made of dirt that carried people into the nearest town.

It was evident that forest had reclaimed what once was altered by people.  

Arta and Joaquim


Stones covered in moss.

Flowers growing where wheels used to roll.

Tall trees standing strong through deep roots.

The moon dropped in for a daytime visit.

People continue to alter the space so as to preserve their delicious path through the forest.  
Ancient trees cut in pieces that have fallen across the road, oozing old sap.

The occasional splash of colour where green is the overwhelming view.

A small water fall off the main stroll.  
Always good to look beyond the casual line of sight.

If smart, you will also look down to see the fungus, mildew, moss and higher up, the conks.

Why it took me this long to venture down this path I am unsure.
It will be a yearly two hour adventure.
Perhaps several times each summer would be even more wise.


  1. i don't think i have EVER walked down this road (maybe when i was small, but i have no memories of it!) thanks for the virtual tour!

  2. With 24 hours notice, I can re-arrange my schedule and go with you ... again ... and again ... and again ....

    Now, until 2012, keep walking.

  3. Count me in..but I am a little far away...