Thursday, July 27, 2017

7 AM Start Up

... going fishing, anyone? ...
Art's fishing boat leaves at about 7 am, as do I, but for a different reason.   I am out beginning my walk for the day -- my 10,000 steps.

Ceilidh gets up to fish with Art.  He has room for 2 in his boat.   The early morning venture is not as valued as the evening boat rides, so Ceilidh can always find a seat in the boat.

Gabe is the other early morning riser.  This was their last morning before going home.  Gabe caught 2 Kokanee.  A perfect morning.

I heard someone asking all others not to cook that until they get back.

"Don't worry," said the others, who like to eat, but don't like to cook fish.


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