Monday, July 17, 2017

Breaking a Coconut

Ceilidh wanted her dad to buy her a fresh coconut so that she could try opening it on her on.  A trip to DeMille's and the product came home, no one happier than her.  She took out a u tube video, collected the requisite screw driver, hammer and bowl to catch the milk.

 ... collecting coconut milk ...
Hammering the holes through was simple.  I always used to think that a coconut has a kind of personality, those black holes representing eyes and a mouth to me.

The video said that after removing the milk all you had to do was hold the coconut in your hand and tap the shell, turning it until a hairline fracture would appear.  Many taps later, the fracture appeared, the coconut broke perfectly in half to reveal rotten coconut flesh.

I was reminded of the verse in "Found a Peanut" that goes, "it was rotten, it was rotten".

So disappointing.



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Mary, I accidentally removed your comment about your coconut going rancid. Apologies. Wish I had been able to just delete the coconut, instead of the comment.

    One more thing about coconuts. I don't think I have ever bought one. My dad used to buy them and then hand out a piece to everyone.

    I think I am not a fan of fresh coconuts, or I would be buying them. Of course, if Ceilidh and I are out shopping, of course I will get one -- until we at least get ones that work.

  3. how rude! ha, ha, ha. I do love fresh coconut. Even though it is not as sweet as the processed kind, i love the flavour and texture.