Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Fire Bowl

"What will we be eating at Wyona's party tomorrow?"

That is the last question Landon Hicks asked his mother last night.  You know, the last question a child asks a parent, and then one last question after that, and then a final drink of water.  Well his last question was looking forward to another day of exquisite fun.

Summer holidays seems to mean that there will be a party with food on the lot next door for him.  Or lots of kids to play with.  He won't be disappointed for Jamie and Trent with four more kids will be arriving on Wednesday.

He is partially right about the constant happiness around a fire, for Greg bought a firebowl, an easier way to roast weiners than to make a regular fire, and a method that is well within the fire regulations.

Wyona may try to cancel the parties, but they get organized out from under her -- Gabe calling everyone for one of the events. Theresa making sure that any kids walking by, get an invitation to come right in for more fun.  At my house, Ceilidh was wondering if we should take over more hot dogs or marshmallows, incase the Bates run out.

Not only do they not run out of food, they have the best of everything -- the highest quality hot dog, and mint arrow chocolate bars to use on the s'more's.

I got an 8:30 pm call last night to join them around the fire.  The chairs sometimes have to be 2 deep in the circle.

The firebowl has some things about it that aren't quite right.  I keep waiting for the coals to die down so that the embers will be just right for perfect roasting.  With this unit, the embers never die down.

And what about the person with the stick who likes to poke the fire, just as it gets to be just right?

Or the person who throws a log on, just one more for the night.  Both of those jobs no longer exist.

Still, buying one might be on my list, since Moiya has already purchased hers.

Fun to be had everywhere by all.


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