Saturday, July 8, 2017

Zoe won 5 medals

From Wyona:

Zoe won a gold medal in the rope, the clubs, the hoop and the ribbon. 

She won a fifth told medal for all round best athlete in Level 11.

It was a tear jerking day. 

Zoe was awesome. 

I will send more pictures and show video later.

Zoe has to stay with the team for the remainder of the day and tomorrow. If she qualifies for the Nationals in Toronto, she must stay with the team all three days, to prove she is independent to go to Nationals for 7 days. 

She might now qualify but we do not want to ruin her chances.

Teague and his band are playing at the final ceremonies tomorrow so we sill stay for that.


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  1. What a beautiful smile. Congratulations Zoe!