Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jarvis Travels - Last Day in Prague

We are sitting in the Prague airport getting ready to fly to Paris.
Here is a brief update in photos of our last day in Prague

On the train to Kutna Hora - medieval silver mining town.

The other half of us on the train to Kutna Hora.
The link below is a really fun blog to check out if you want to learn about Kutna Hora.
On the blog is a short cartoon about the history of this town and some of the highlights of the things you can see. 

St Barbara's Cathedral.  
Quite magnificent with it's tent steeples.  There are a ton of windows in this cathedral so it is just filled with light.  This was our first stop. Thomas led us here quite by accident initially, although it was on his list of things to see.  He was the planner of this day and got us organized for the transportation there and back, and the itinerary.

Hebe and Catherine take a break and enjoy a chimney stack filled with ice cream.  We stayed outside for some ipad time while Eric took the teenagers into the silver mines.  That tour was 1.5 hours underground.

Here is another picutre of St Barbara's cathedral from below. 
Hebe toured me around the tiny streets as my tour guide.  
She loved that.

Coming out of the mines!  Hard hats off and coats in hand to keep everyone warm and dry. 

A coat of arms made of bones.  Check out the detail, especially the bird pecking out someone's eye.  At least the the artist had a sense of humour.

ARRRR matey!

Heading home for a dinner out in Prague.  Travelling makes one tired.

Cabbage soup with a spoonful of sour cream.  Delicious.

Hebe opted for chicken soup with dumplings.  
She loves soup and was not disappointed.  
Thomas and Rebecca ate fruit filled perogies. They were also delicious.  
Eric wanted one last plat of golash with bread dumplings.  


  1. The coat of arms made of bones is pretty impressive. I have been putting the bones that are left over in the compost. Now that I can see there is art work to be done, I will have to start boiling them clean and saving them for a craft project.

  2. One other thing. Hebe has always loved soup. She knows how to make the slurping sound so excellently, that I always want a bowl of just what she is having.

  3. Hello,

    As well, I watched the link to the cartoon about making silver. Sobering. I was reminded of the many ways that the mining of silver has been dangerous to the people who have done it. I hope I don't have to think about that the next time I put on a silver bracelet.

    By the way, were there silver trinkets to buy when you got out of the mine?