Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Rake, a Wheelbarrow and some Clippers

I interrupted my walk this morning to ask Glen if he could hook up his charger to my car battery.  He stopped beer brewing and came right over, went back to get distilled water, and soon the job was done.  My only part was walking back and forth to get more steps in.  Along the way he reminded me that the last part of any job is putting the equipment away.

Photo: Marcia
... stopping to admire the beauty of others
who are using the same path ...
I tried to remember that as I have been gardening today.  I think that the last ounce of energy should be getting twigs and leaves into a wheelbarrow.  But no.  The last part is dumping the wheelbarrow and putting the two rakes and one set of clippers away.  And putting away my hat and the sweat band that I have to wear.

That salty sweat pours down my forehead, through my eye brows and ends up in my eyes.  Is that the way nature planned for this to happen?

At any rate, a joy to be alive and able to work.  I watered some tomato plants that I hope to keep alive, long enough to enjoy one or two toasted tomato sandwiches from.  And I ate all of the raspberries on the vines again.  I wanted to collect them, put sugar on them and give them to David tonight on ice cream.  But after I tasted the first one, and figured out how far it was to go to the house to get a bowl, I went to Plan B.  Just eat them and have raspberries on ice cream another night.


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