Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I dressed up to go to dinner tonight at the Bates'.  Ceilidh and I were invited to have pulled pork sandwiches and a 7 layer Mexican salad (known as a five hour salad as well, for that is how long it took to chop the ingredients and assemble the salad).

On the way there, I stopped to pick some raspberries from the bushes on the top of my lot.  A nice appetizer.

Along the road I stopped to put some thimble berries in my mouth, being aware of the difference in the taste between the two berries.

When I got to Wyona's she gave me a clean wet cloth to wipe the pink stains from the white facing on the front of my shirt.


Can't a person even stop to pick a few berries without leaving traces of them on her clothing?


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