Saturday, July 8, 2017

Spendor, Coup and Cockroach

This might be the best summer ever.  Doral brought board games for us to play: he brought 2 games a day for the duration of his holiday.   We have missed a few days, so now we are up to 3 games a day and so far his motto is correct.  Technically it is not the person who wins the game with points, but the person who has the most fun that wins the game.

Doral and Rebecca stayed up until past midnight breaking her into the game of Splendor.

He won but only by one point.  She won for she woke up this morning saying that the game had been a lot of fun.

I played it for the first time today.

On the second round and went and got some rings out of my jewel case to wear, since collecting diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and onyx mines was the order of the day.

Not that I have any of those to wear, but fake is always good when playing games.
I have played Coup before with Doral's kids when I was in St. Albert.

 David Camps liked to play that game tonight.

There is a joy in assassinating one's grandmother game-wise, but keeping her alive in person.

 Since I was out of the game early I got the double pleasure of being able to finish off that last pan of dishes that is always left after everything else can be loaded into the dishwasher after supper.

David didn't want to play the last game.

He said his mother likes to play it, but he is not good at bluffing.

I have played it twice and I don't like to play it either.   I can't tell one bug from another, no matter how many times I look at the game card.

I can ask people if this or that card is a cockroach, but I can't tell myself.  So it is a surprise to me, as well as to others, what I have passed them.

In the main, a good time was had by all at the gaming table this morning and tonight.


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