Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Fortieth Wedding Anniversary, Moiya and David Wood

Moiya and David Wood celebrated their 40 Wedding Anniversary on the deck of their own home.
Spanish food was served to them by their grandchildren.

The first course was carnita's, served by Aiden and Celeste.

I happened to drop by, and saw that the waiters were thrilled to have their towels over their arms.
Parker carried a dish to the kitchen using one hand, the other tucked behind his body.
His mother gasped and ran along behind him when she saw him.
I went in the kitchen to see who was at the stove.
The kids were eating inside along with their Dad.
Des had the apron on.

There were 2 kinds of dessert.  A lemon pie, and a chocolate pie topped with whipping cream.
Dave had a slice of both.  Moiya only one.
A good time was had by all.


  1. How sweet. What a wonderful way to spend the "night out."

  2. The Wood Family continues to have celebrations. Today is Brandon's 35th birthday. Des was thinking of going to the Enchanted Forest at first, but finally settled on having Moiya watch the children while she and Brandon bike ride across the top of the Larch Hills on the one-of-a-kind biking trails up there.

    I am glad they are doing it now. That is an adventure not to be saved for your 40th of anything.