Friday, July 14, 2017

Secwepmc: Lands and Resources / Law Resource Project

Secwepemc: Lands and Resources
We are missing Rebecca for many reasons, one of which is that she read a story every day from Secewpmc: Lands and Resources / Law Resource Project.

 We got to hear a Secwepemc story and then hear how the story was briefed.  The book is beautiful.  The text is online, so there is nothing preventing anyone from reading the story.  And Doral and I took on the task of just learning how to say Secwepmc.  Doral carried with him a little piece of paper to remind him of the sounds.  I have been practising for a couple of years, so am coming close to a good pronunciation, though I am not there.

It was a joy to sit at the table hearing Rebecca read from the written text, rather than a tablet and hear stories of the people of the land that we live on.

"Coyote and the Swans".

"Coyote and Bear".

Coyote was in trouble in both of the stories.

Fascinating to hear the story and then try to guess what we could learn about what it is in the stories that teach us about law, the land and resources.

My best guess rarely would get a passing mark.

The book is into its second printing.

I am hoping that I will get one for Christmas.

Rebecca says that the book is online at the UVic site, and anyone can look at it there.  I also found an earlier pdf on how the book was created -- interesting in itself, but not a place where I could find the wonderful stories that I will soon be telling to my grandchildren around a fire (a contained one).



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