Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Simple Pleasures

In an email today my son-in-law, Eric, reminded me that he likes to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I am able to do that to excess.

For example, instead of enjoying one raspberry from the bushes at the top of the road, I made a meal of the fruit that was on the vine this morning.   I literally stripped the bushes.

Breakfast = one pint of raspberries.

I saw the dogwood at the end of the raspberry bushes.

The flowers have now turned to a clump of berries with a beautiful turquoise colour.

I have been wondering if I should cut the lower branches of the tree, so that children who run past the rock and down by the stream would have a clearer path.

Which is more fun: to duck under a branch or to fly down the path unhindered by leaves and berries?

The third simple pleasure of the morning happened when I was out looking at Lot 10 with Marcia and Glen. 

He pointed out some bear scat.

Then I saw a broken fruit tree and wondered if it was last night’s wind that had done the damage. 

“Probably the bear going up the tree for fruit,” he said.

That is when I recognized the third simple pleasure: being with someone who can put bear scat and broken tree limbs into the same equation.

And that is also when I decided to take his offer of a bear bell to tie on my wrist when I walk the paths alone.



  1. I'll be picking raspberries from my neighbour tonight. They are out of town for a month. I am letting there cat in and out of the house a couple of times a day and in exchange I have been enjoying her gooseberries, red currants and berries. She also let me transplant some of her shoots to my yard. When I eat my berries tonight I will pour a little whipping cream over them and think of Grandpa Doral. Arta told me that he would say, anything that is good, is better with creme. Hear, hear. The first time she told me this I had just spent an hour picking tiny wild strawberries on the property. I think I had collected about one quarter of a cup, they were so small. But tasted like sunshine. If only I had had some creme to go with them.

  2. Speaking of cream, and letting all readers know that we mean whipping cream, Moiya found some on sale at the grocery store and bought a couple extra: $3.50 for a quart.

    I could just imagine that past when I saw those two cartoons tucked under her arms. I don't know if I like to pour that cream over raspberries or strawberries best.

    I might have to take a another test on thew two.

    I did eat all of the raspberries that are on my bushes this morning. For some reason I was thinking about Connor tree planting and living off the land and suddenly I was up to having a whole meal called "just raspberries". Delicious. And then I watered them.