Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Falcon, a Hummingbird and a Bear

At the end of the morning fishing trip, on the way back to our cove, Ceilidh caught a fish. As she was reeling it in, a falcon swoop down and tried to get it as well. With that fight, the fish missed being caught by either Ceilidh or the falcon. It swam away and Art, Gabe and she were left wondering "Exactly what kind of brown and speckled bird was that?"

She and I watched an episode of Suits on Netflicks on her return home, but a humming bird, or maybe two, kept hovering at our window and distracting us.

Ceilidh went to make fresh blueberry muffins in the kitchen and I continued to keep one eye out for hummingbirds, but got distracted by a black bear who came lumbering up the road to the beach. The bear stopped to paw at the dogwood tree, getting up on two of its paws to search the branches. Then it lumbered over to the raspberry patch. Luckily I had stripped it the day before. We watched the bear at 5 Corners, wondering which way it would go. When it mossied off to see the Woods we were quickly on the phone to them so they could see it coming.

I was too excited to take a picture of the bear.
I compensated by taking a picture of a bee in the bee balm.
Look on the right side flowers for only a flash of orange.
When I phoned Wyona’s to alert her, before someone could say hello, I could hear the call of “Bear, bear, get the kids inside” before someone even answered hello.

When the excitement died down Ceilidh said, “Only at the Shuswap. A falcon steals a fish, a humming bird lingers at a window and a sighting of a bear. All before 11 am."

I laid down to have a nap after playing a board game with David and Ceilidh. The game involves lying about cards you put down. 
David just can’t do it.

"Honesty is the best policy," he says.


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  1. Wow What an exciting morning!! I loved reading about it!