Monday, July 24, 2017

Ed Saiedi Drops in from Stockholm

Ed Saiedi called from Kamloops and said he was in the area.
Could he drop in with his brother?

I didn't know which of the views of the Shuswap to capture.
Here is a shot just as the sun is going down.
We are checking out the view looking west.

And now down to brass tacks and no making jokes.

I had a wonderful time walking the property with the Saiedi's.

We went past the last of the s'more parties the Bates house.

They had just been having a S-more Cook-Off.  Who can cook the most creative s'more? The challenge is to continue on the August long weekend.  The perfectly roasted marshmallow meeting the somewhat warmed Cadbury milk chocolate square.  Or alternatively melting a square that is both minted and chocolate -- depending on one's taste.

I heard that Greg has made a request.

While s'mores are being cooked, would it be possible for no one to put their hands on the doorknobs of the house: obviously seventeen people cooking and tasting marshmallows, all of whom seem to go into the house at some point.  If the chocolate and the marshmallow that is on their cheeks and chins and upper-lips is also transferred to their hands and then the doorknobs, I can see that someone might have to be assigned to just stand at the door handles with a warm cloth, cleaning them off after each entry into the house.

Too late to write anymore tonight.  I will return to this tomorrow.



  1. How awesome that Ed was able to visit! and with his brother and his MOM?! fantastic!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! It was lovely to see Arta that evening! Would've been super nice to meet you too! Hopefully next time around :)