Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Join us for breakfast

Ceilidh wasn't up to make the waffles and we decided to forego them  this morning.

That is, until we decided to cooperate and get breakfast on the table as a team.  I put the batter together.  David stirred up the batter for tomorrow at the same time.  Meighan ran the dough through the waffle iron.  Doral cut raspberries and strawberries, as well as cutting up bananas.  I am not a favor of adding maple syrup on top of the whipping cream, but some people take that option and it was served that way.

Yesterday Doral just cut opened the banana, sliced it right on the skin and served it that way.  Today the bananas were served in one of Rebecca's ceramic bowls.

A good breakfast -- served with cooperation.



  1. We are a maple syrup family. It always goes with the waffles, fruit and whipped cream. If there is bacon on the side, it gets a drizzle too. I have been known to have 12 cans of real maple syrup in my food storage, but nothing else. How can you pass it up when the real stuff goes on sale for $5 instead of $9 a can?

  2. I didn't know that Maple Syrup is an item that you can collect in your food storage. Right now I am collecting Waffle Cones for ice cream. Right now I am up to 7 packages, which in no way matches your 12 cans of maple syrup. But it does represent 84 ice cream cones that I have to get people to eat some way!