Sunday, July 9, 2017

Betty and Kiwi

 ... at rest with my food and water, at last ...
Kiwi is fed dry dog food every morning and she has a bowl of water.

 As long as 2 year old Betty Blanche Johnson has been here, Kiwi’s dry dog food has been found floating in her water, rehydrated and looking like a round chocolate breakfast cereal.
Kiwi is no longer interested in the cereal nor the water.

There was no way to stop Betty from dropping the dry dog food into the water. A firm word from her mother. A dark look from her father. She hung her head at both and moved away from the bowl.

 But no one can watch Betty for every moment of the day, and and for days the majority of the dog food has continued to float. The Johnson’s have gone back to Calgary.

 I tried to throw a few of the dried dog pellets into Kiwi’s water this morning for old times sake. Rebecca protected the dog from any teasing. Kiwi rests peacefully now beside her bowl and water.



  1. As a reluctant dog owner (and a reluctant parent?) I loved this story.

  2. Thank you for saying something about this story. I worried that I could not capture the image of those floating rehydrated pellets ... so many that you couldn't see the water anymore.

    But I think you got it, Mary.

    The dog is gone but she found her place into everyone's heart. I even saw Doral going outside, then throwing that ball for Kiwi, over the creek and passed the apple and pear trees. I watched him for a while and often the ball would not quite make it there, and would fall back down the hill, rolling somewhere into the grasses around the creek.

    Doral would try again.

    I began to wonder who was getting the better exercise? Doral? Or Kiwi?