Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Gaming goes on ...

Every day is the best day ever.

Doral and I just finished a game: Archaeology: The New Expedition by Phil Walker-Harding.  The game maker might as well get full recognition since he created some good gaming moments for us.  Doral and I had the morning together. Everyone else in the house sleeps in.  What is there to do but turn to gaming?

I began the morning at 7 am, trying to do my 10,000 steps for the day.  I walk by Moiya's, Wyona's and Glen's but no one is stirring so I do my first 3,000 steps alone.

On my second round, Glen and Janet are sitting on their porch.  He gets up and does the next 7,000 steps with me.  Later we meet Adam, Desiree (Tanner strapped to her back) and Adam, so we turn and walk along Pilling's road with them.  Brandon says his arms are still sore and tense from the marathon bike ride along the tops of the hills and then down forestry road 120.  That trip was a birthday present he will remember.

They walk on up Bernie Road and Glen and I return home, but on Moiya's deck are Celeste and Oscar eating their pancakes.  We tempt them out to the side of the road with us where we are eating thimble berries.  I show them how to take the leaf of the thimble berry and make it into a cup, the Swepemc way.  By then Aiden has joined us from the Wood porch and he pushes my arms away when I try to help him thread the stem through the leaf to finish the cup off.

"I can do this myself."

Glen turns to me, spreads his arms out to the universe and says, "What more could a person want in life?"

I walk on home, savouring the tart taste of the thimble berries still in my mouth.