Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nobody loses as long as you are having fun ...

I hear Doral in the other room saying to David Doral, "Nobody looses in the game, as long as you are having fun."

I am gaining a new respect for gaming.  People sit at a table and talk for hours.  They join up and help each other on adventures.  Or they go for the win.  In either case there is so much laugher and cooperation going on.

Of course, the games are run by a master-gamer -- a big plus.  Doral actually plays board games with a set of friends every Wednesday night.  And he writes a gaming blog.  That is a serious hobby.

He tells me that he wants his hobby to be painting, but he thinks he will have to wait for retirement for that.

The games started in the evening as soon as the dishwasher as loaded.

Tonight's games are Spyfall and Cutthroat Cavern.  Sometimes the game slows down while the group decides exactly what one of the cards means.  Other than that it just moves along at a pace that seems to be good for all.

While they were gaming tonight, I did the last of my 10,000 steps.



  1. As a board game family, I get this. We love Spyfall for a big group. A new favourite was introduced to us by Doral after Kelvin Sr's funeral -- Cockroach Poker. So much fun.

  2. Cockroach Poker is another hard game for me. I can't tell the bugs apart. And in fact, each time a bug card comes, the bug is either coming from the top of the card, or the side, or is in a different size. I have to fake everything about the game -- since I don't know if the card I am passing to my opponent is what I say it is, or not!

    What a game!