Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Morning Walk

... chicory is everywhere ...
Chicory lines the road as I walk in the morning.
Chicory and lupines, but the lupines have gone from flowers to seed pods, so it is only the blue of the chicory that I see.

I read that I can eat the leaves -- the spring and the fall have milder leaves.

Bitter ones are summer fare.  Be sure to blanch the leaves say some of the books.
... top of Bernie Road ...

I get to see this stunning view at the top of Bernie Road.

I don't like to climb that far, for the last bit of the journey is in the sun and seriously up hill.   I can't enjoy the view when I get to the top for I am sucking air and gulping water.

And then I have to go downhill, a serious change of pace.  I am such a big baby.  I want the road to be smooth.

Sometimes I see Glen who has already done an hour on his bike before I even get on the road.

I do see Don Robertson on his bike, just at the end of one of my journeys.  So when you come to the Shuswap, join the bikers or the walkers who are out on the trails before the rest of the world is awake.


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