Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yard Clean-Up

"Is everything O.K.? It looks like a bomb hit your yard."

The question from Glen was legitimate.

And so was the answer.  This look can happen if there is one day without clean-up and a lot of little people using the tea pots, the tables, the water stations, the four-wheeled plastic vehicles that go down the hill with breakneck speed, the dolls, the shopping carts, the cupboards full of dishes, the umbrellas and the balloons.

Now there is a large tent cover over one of the large tables.  It has a window and a door and was created when Marcia was a child.  Now it is back, 30 years later and I don't doubt that Audra has tried it out, making this at least a 2 generation toy.

Wyona's is the yard that has been  hosting s'more parties to the max.  One last hurrah of marshmallows, graham wafers and chocolate was planned for last night and then the plans changed.  Kids were loaded in cars and everyone went off to hear a band (Devon Coyote) play at Music on the Wharf.

People came home with screamers in hand.  Tonia told me this morning that if she had known the size of a medium, she would have ordered a small.


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