Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jarvis Holiday, Day 2 - July 8, 2017

Tired!!! The kids slept in until between noon and 2 p.m.

Unfortunately, my iphone alarm went off at 6 am and woke me up.

I spent several quiet hours listening to the stillness and trying to clean up my online photos.

By the time everyone was up, and dressed it was nearly 3 p.m. A short trip to buy groceries for Sunday and then off on our first adventure.

Adventures always begin with transportation.

We went to the metro station only to discover you need coins to buy metro tickets, of which we had none. We eventually decided to go into a store to buy a treat so we could break a bill into some change.

Six frozen treat later, we had enough coins and had figured out how to purchase tickets from the machine.

We descended to the metro platform only to learn that the line was down for repairs and we had to board a special bus to take us between metro stops.

Well as they say, half the fun is just getting there.

Catie planned a trip to Vyšehrad, the first seat of the Czech royalty. It is a fortress that overlooks the Vltava (Moldau) River. From the fortress you see beautiful views of the river, can visit the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, see a Roman rotunda, and visit the Byšehrad Cemetery which is the burial place for the country's most famous figures including Dvorak. See photos. In the cemetery I took a photo of hands coming out of the top of a headstone. Not sure if the deceased was a sculpture, or if there was some other reason for this adornment.

Just loved the hands. We also found the list of forbidden activities in the cemetery very interesting. Who knew you weren't allowed to chip off pieces of the headstone, take flowers or foliage and use iv drugs.

On our walk to find the Vytopna restaurant we came across a very interesting building which tries to merge old and new architecture. Interesting. Since we were lost using my directions to the restaurant, we got on google maps and found that we were at least 30 walking minutes off track. Two tram rides later, one tram going the wrong direction, we found our restaurant.
Find the Jarvis Family

This restaurant was on the top 10 list of our host and did not disappoint.

You had to buy a train ticket for 25 CK to even get into the restaurant, but once you did you were in for a real treat.

All your drinks were delivered to your table by miniature train.

Tomorrow to church in Czech.

Hebe already told me she is not going to primary if they speak a different language. 

Guess I'll be going to primary tomorrow too.


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