Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Bates: Old and Young

 Greg and Wyona are in Austin spending time with Senya, Ivan and Ezra while Trent and Jamie are having a holiday in India. We decided we would be on holidays here in Austin also, so we went out and bought a couple of CD's and DVD's and we dance and play. Ivan is running faster than Ezra here. However, Ezra is having as much fun as Ivan.
There was a little sorbet left in the freezer so Ivan and Senya finished it off. Ezra wanted some so he got the empty ice cream cone and he loved it just as much.

Senya can do strange things with her eyes.

My blogging skills are lacking. I should have taken some lessons from Tonia or Arta. Different prompts are coming up on my screen than I saw a year a ago when I blogged last time.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Wyona,

    Wish I could see a picture that has more of a close-up on Senya's eyes. It looks like that girl has talent ... at least from afar.

    As for the empty ice-cream cone, I have some sugar ones here. I wonder whom I can trick with one of those. Thanks for the idea.

    As for the blogging, yes, blogger updated its look and I am also having trouble making my way around the new menus. You have a button in this post that I clicked so that I could read more. I wish I could find that button and get it going on my posts.