Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good work, Larch Haveners

Summer 2009

My son, Doral, suggested that we set up a blog two and a half years ago -- one for family, friends, anyone who has visited the lake, or wants to visit the lake, or even anyone who loves the chance to talk about family -- all of that could be on a blog, he said, a blog for everyone.

He must have underlined that for me, for he kept saying, "No it is not my blog.  It is our blog.  Everyones!" 

I decided to do my part of "owning" the blog with my first start, Nov 12, 2009.  A pretty pathetic start.

Today I was noticing that in the ensuing days since then, there have been 992 blogs written -- by family and friends.  Before the end of April, someone will have written the 1000th post, which should deserve a prize of some sort.

By 2011 ... a walk along the tracks for every age ...
I have been thinking about all of the posts that are unwritten, as well. 

Like the news I heard from Wyona today.  Trent and Jamie's kids are missing their folks who are away on a holiday. 

Wyona said she found some little scrunched up tissues in Senya's bedroom and discovered she was crying silently at night, missing her parents. 

So Wyona and Greg decided to turn things around for them, and said that if their parents were on a holiday, that they could be on a holiday as well and that their grandparents would take them on one.

The holiday began. 

The little Bates kids have been watching Disney movies, seeing Charlotte's Web,  eating dessert for lunch, enjoying the play equipment at MacDonalds, feasting on donuts -- oh what a grand holiday, delivered right to the comfort of their own home. 

Probably as good as the holiday that their parents will report on when they get home from India.

Isn't that as good a way to save tissue as any grandparents have ever had?

Arta  (completing post #993)

P.S.  Senya? Templeton is the name of Wilbur and Charolette's friend -- that gluttonous rat who will only help when he is offered food.  Bad rat!

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  1. If only Senya could read the blog - but she has another cure for loneliness - partying!!! love it.