Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Best Part of My Walk

Today you will hear the best part of my walk -- it was 2 hours long, it took me through the graveyard which I studied carefully, then down to Loblaws, and back home.  I was taking deep breaths by the time I arrived home and felt invigorated.

The worst part of my walk was coming back up the stairs to the kitchen after taking off my scarf and coat.

Yes! I know how to go through a garbage and identify the contents
... last of the fluffy white bread is...

...on the left-hand side of the overturned blue styrofoam container...
...brown bag was used to sweat roasted red peppers last night... styrofoam is from Portobello mushrooms fried last night ....
There -- Gryphon had been into the garbage and attacked the last loaf of bread, bringing it down from the counter to the floor and munching on it until there was only a sacrament sized piece left.

Then he found his way to the garbage under the sink and scattered it everywhere.

I have been warned by Mary, not to leave anything close to the edge of the table or the counters. And indeed, last night, as I sat at the table alone, he slid up to it and his long tongue was out, trying to get at her steak.

I yelled at him. Today I didn't yell. I just took my picture, then swept up, following closely with my mop and then came to type to all of you to remind every reader that all  have to be smarted than the dog they are trying to train.

Fortunately, a beagle is a very dumb dog, so I don't have to raise my IQ much higher to be smarter than him.


Do I?


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  1. Kiwi is not as smart as griffin.... or maybe it is just that I bought a huge tupperware breadbox with a lid on it? :-)