Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Shots

NB: the French braid rimming the subject's face
Bonnie asked Mary for some pictures.

This morning, Mary was willing to oblige.

I think she was a willing subject because the camera was already out.

I had been taking pictures of Rhiannon. She was showing me her art work.

And then demonstrating how well she could stand on one foot.

See how tidy our tupperware cupboard is?
"I am ready for the picture," Mary said.  "This is the new me ... at least my new shape."

I wondered why Mary let me take a picture. Usually people duck the opportunity for a photo shoot and probably with good reason. My camera doesn't do touch-ups or even good candids. I get light shining on subjects that shouldn't be there (ie on Mary's shoulders in this instance), and subjects cast deep in shadows.

I don't even know this is happening when I am trying to frame a shot.

Hollywood Actress Pose
So here, Mary gave me 10 seconds and I got three shots:

Her last shot:  The Demi Moore Pose.

Like it?


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  1. I am waiting for the 'real' Demi Moore pose!


    or a picture with flowers emerging from your bellybutton!