Friday, April 20, 2012

Wyona Watches Kids

From Wyona:

... the grandparents / caregivers on their own holiday ...
Jamie got away ... to India.

Greg and Jamie left at 5 a.m. Greg said Jamie slept most of the way to Houston. Outside of Houston 30 miles, the traffic came to a slow crawl. There was an accident. So the three hour ride to Houston central took almost four hours instead of three. Greg was pushing the speed limit all the way and some of us know how, if necessary, Greg can pull the video car moves.

They got to the 9:00 am appointment and the guy told them it was impossible to have same day appointment at 9:40 am but Jamie had secured that online the night before.

Passport in hand she went to the next step. This kept happening all day until at 3 p.m. she telephoned me elated...she even had success changing her ticket at the Qatar ticket office.

Trent just telephoned but he does not have the itinerary so he does not know what hotel to go to in India. Is there more than one hotel in New Delhi?

The children cried for their mother yesterday.

At one point Senya said, "I'll take my Dad or my Mom!"

What they get is me.


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