Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Annis Bay

"Happy Easter !"

Or as Joaquim's room mate at Georgetown used to proclaim as he walked around the house with his arms raised to the heavens,"He is risen!"

Last night David told me, "I am pretty sure you are the Easter Bunny, mom." 

I queried, "but you believe a little still in the real Easter Bunny?" 

He nodded with a concerned look on his face. 

I said, "Is that because Aunt Moiya said no treats for those who don't believe?" 

He nodded more vigorously with wide-eyes. 

I said, "In our family, kids get Easter treats until they are 19 years old, whether they believe in the Easter Bunny or not. He smiled and looked quite relieved.

I thought it was going to be hard to make Easter morning fun now that he has declared a lack of belief in the Easter Bunny.

Joaquim and I decided to put together a scavenger hunt. We had only three things to give that had not already been consumed: a box of Smarties, a box of Ritz smores, and a new Hero Factory (aka Bionicle). I had to eat the Kinder Eggs for David, because they have hazelnuts in them and he is off soon to have testing for "tree nut allergies". (Big sacrifice for me). David had already seen the large Star Wars egg Joaquim had tried to sneak into the groceries without David noticing (so it had already been consumed too).

When David woke up, he asked his Dad where his Egg was that he made with Miranda (hollow egg made of string). I told him, go check under your pillow. He raced back with a plastic egg, and a look of confusion. When he opened it up, he found a hint, "It's really cool in here." That clue was supposed to lead him to the fridge, but instead he thought the downstairs was not as warm as the upstairs and a "cool" place to play ... Indeed there was an egg there too.

As he read his through the 9 clues, each leading to another plastic egg with a clue inside, he kept exclaiming "this is fun!' or "I am so good at this", and at the end he said, "How did you find the time to do this for me?"

The Bionicle sitting inside the egg he made with Miranda was definitely the right thing to put at the end of the hunt. The squeals of joy were hilarious. Also, he is storing the Easter egg hunt tips in the Egg that matches the one his cousin Michael has at his house (expect David's has a very masculine camouflage pillow for the treasures to lie inside on.

How is Easter going in Montreal, Jarvis and Brooks?

How is it going in Calgary, Johnson and Johnson?

How's it goin' in London, Carter-Johnson?


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