Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo Essay - Xavier

 ... get your right hand into the dough ...
I had the kids home from school today.

How is that for good luck for me.

They have Good Friday, Easter Monday and then a professional day, all back-to-back.

 I woke up thinking of ways to entertain them.

... use your left hand to turn the bowl ...
Naomi has helped me make bread and so as Rhiannon, and not to discriminate against Xavier, I told him this was his day to learn how to make bread.

All of my grandchildren know how to make and cut bread, I said, – and he was a willing subject, rolling up the sleeves of his pyjamas and getting in there ... but not with both hands.

That is the first rule.

Can you do this, Grandmother?
Make a bubble and put your finger through it?
Keep the left hand clean so that it can twist the bowl, and do all of your work with the right hand.

Easy, he said and away he went with the task.

I kept adding flour and he kneaded it in until we had a firm ball.

Then he proceeded to show me a talent when he washed the residue of dough from his hands.

He can take soap in his hand, open up his thumb and forefinger and blow a beautiful large soap bubble.

Hold that right there while I get my camera, I cried.

He did.

 ... blow gently between  your thumb and forefinger ...
And further more, on the next iteration of his trick, he showed me how he can take his other hand and put it right through the bubble – I am putting that kid out on the busking trail for the summer.

... a close up of an amazing bubble making feat ...
As well, he made beautiful bread which we formed into beaver tails for a mid morning snack and into hot bread drizzled with honey for lunch.

... Xavier's hot bread at the end of the trail ....
How is that for another busking trick out of flour, water, yeast, salt and oil.


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