Monday, April 30, 2012

Holiday in Austin

 There is a fabulous little bakery not to far from Trent and Jamie's house in Austin. We used our ten day holiday time to buy breakfast at the bakery and bring it home. The apple fritters are exquisite. Ivan and Senya love it when they are on holidays.
 Greg was trying to figure out how to get the ladder down on Ivan's fire engine. Ezra was having a great time playing with his older brother's toys while Ivan was off to the park with his sister.
Just a typical up-side-down day. Jamie and Trent have returned from their trip to India so the holiday is almost over.


  1. Hello,

    Your holiday breakfast looks fantastic. As well, I see that the family tradition of breaking off just a piece of the confection that you think you can eat and leaving the rest for someone else is alive and well, if I judge correctly from the picture you give us.

    For Kelvin, I bought the Quaker Variety Pack of Instant Oatmeal so that he can have a holiday when I am gone. The flavours are maple and brown sugar, apples and cinnamon or cinnamon and spice. Now you have raised the bar even higher for me.

  2. Hello again,

    I wanted to comment on Greg's floor position while he fixes toys -- horizontal and on one of his sides. I was weeding in the flower garden and heard Kelvin, who was shinning the BBQ around the corner, say, "I think you are going to have to help me up." I looked over and he had that same position that Greg takes when he fixes toys. Kelvin had tripped on that small edge between the grass and the sidewalk.

    "Do we need the paramedics for that help," I asked.

    "No. Just a hand from you will do."

    Was it that easy for Greg to get up as well?

  3. I too studied the pastries in that photo and could actually smell a box from Belgium. At least my mouth began to water. I loved those Saturdays. Greg would come home with a box. Wyona would make us all laugh as we sampled a nibble here a bite there. We would lets each other know when we had found a particularly delicious sweet. Half the fun was watching someone else taste what we had just sampled and loved. What a great wasy to experience the end of my teen years. Thank you Bates family. .