Sunday, April 15, 2012

Naomi and Xavier's Top Traviata Moments

Sculpture above the Proscenium Arch
New York Met / Gold Curtain
Photo credit: Wikipedia
Opera Highlights

5 Highlights from La Traviata for Naomi

1.      Eating the candy at the opera, a zip-lock bag in my lap at each act.
2.      I liked Violetta’s dancing in the first act.
3.      I liked the sculpture that is above the stage at the New York Met.
4.      I liked the scene in the second act, where the party goers are making fun of Violetta, where the man has on a dress.
5.      Grandma and I agreed to give a small poke to each other when we heard the theme of the opera.  I got to poke her first.

    5 Highlights from La Traviatta from Xavier

    1.      The gambling scene where the clock turned into a roulette table
    2.      The scene where Alfredo threw his gambling earnings at Violetta.
    3.      The country scene when Violetta and Alfredo were playing hide and seek in their new home.
    4.      When Violetta said she was going to get well at the end of the opera, and then she died.
    5.      When Alfredo meets Violetta for the first time and she is saying, no I can’t marry you and he is saying, I have been longing for your company for a year.

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