Thursday, April 19, 2012

India Bound

Wyona and Greg are watching Trent and Jamie's kids -- or so I thought. 

I got an email from Wyona that said, "Greg is gone for the day with Jamie. 

Jamie discovered last night that she did not have her passport.

It is in Houston and she does not have her visa to get into India. 

She got a message on email saying everything was ready but it is not. So instead of leaving tonight at 6:30 from Austin, Greg and she left at 4:30 a.m to drive to Houston and try to get the papers all done today. I am hoping that she is successful. She was quite distraught as any of us would have been. She will also need to adjust her airplane ticket.

Travelling takes energy.

Ezra has learned to crawl in the last couple of days. He does not move fast but he can go. He has a little devil laugh when he does something to bother someone else, like bite them.



  1. Catherine Jarvis sent a message to be passed on to Trent and Jamie:

    Wishing I could tell you to buy the Lonely Planet Guide India and not to panic! It takes at least 10 days to get accustomed to India. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Whatever happens, it will be an adventure to remember. Hoping you have a great time. It is an amazing country.

    Catherine Jarvis

  2. I will try to get some pictures on the blog from here. I have to do it on my MAC because this Samsung that I am working on, which incidentally is owned by Trent who works for Dell, is inferior and confusing.