Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 ... things aren't going right here ....
Hebe and Rhiannon play more side by side than with each other.

At one point, Catherine, trying to stop Rhiannon’s tears offered to give her a wheel barrow ride.
How do you straighten this wheelbarrow out?

Hebe watched in amazement, so Catherine gave her a wheel barrow ride, as well.

Then Catherine suggested that the 3 year old and the 4 year old give each other wheel barrow rides.

And then she was quick to see that they possessed all of the skills.

Now I wasn’t that sure that this would be a good idea.

Catherine however, got the game going, and soon the two of them were scooting across the kitchen floor.

Whoops!  Down again!

Catherine and I both ran for our cameras, but there is something that about a still photo that just doesn’t capture the speed at which one of them could drive the other from the fridge to the patio door and back.

Going down?  Or coming up?
Catherine stopped the game just short of another broken arm or leg.

She tried to get the girls to play with Hebe's doll house, but it was a no-go for Rhiannon.

 ... Catherine shadowing the wheel barrow roller ...
I listened to Hebe play for a while, moving the pieces of the play house around and I asked Catherine what she was saying to the dolls?

"Oh," said Catherine. "She is explaining everything first in French and then in English, just like we do to her."

"And what about the dolls," I asked.

"She doesn't like the play figures that go with the set.Instead she uses the action figures and has wars going between them.I will buy you a little grandmother so that she can pretend you are in there."

"No thanks," I said.

I would rather be a fighting action figure.

Or at the very least, a wheel barrow.


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  1. these shots are fabulous and bring back memories of a time when my body could actually DO that stuff!